Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends,

from 22 to 24 of May 2017, the University of Wroclaw will be home to the fourth International Lithuania Congress. It is our pleasure to invite everyone interested in Lithuania, its language, culture, history, politics, society and relations with neighbouring countries, to take part in the happening.

Of the numerous events connected to Lithuania in year 2017, we have selected three symbolic topics, which will constitute the general theme of this year’s Congress:

• Firstly, it is the Year of Culture of the Lithuanian Language, announced by the Lithuanian Seimas. Here we will try to stress the uniqueness of the Lithuanian language and its special importance to the Lithuanian society.

• We would also like to remember Algirdas J. Greimas – semiotician of Lithuanian descent, renowned literary scientist and linguist – on the 100th anniversary of his birth, and 25th anniversary of his passing.

• Year 2017 is also the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, and 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. We would like to direct our attention to these documents, which are central to the legal orders of both countries and discuss the circumstances of their ratification.

At the same time we remain open to all topics which are of importance to the Participants, since the main idea of the Congress is that of an interdisciplinary discussion on Lithuania. We invite everyone to partake in the below sections:

• Lithuanian and comparative linguistics;
• culture, literature and folklore;
• Lithuanian history and Polish-Lithuanian relations;
• politics and society;
• law and constitutional system.

Based on previous years’ proceedings, academic panels will be accompanied by cultural events and expert debates. Concurrently to the Congress, the „Labas” Lithuanian Studies Club, which organizes the most important events connected to Lithuania in Wroclaw, will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its foundation.

We are also pleased to inform that the newly established Pobliza Foundation, which brings together involved former members of the „Labas” Lithuanian Studies Club, will be aiding in organizing the Congress. The aim of the Foundation is to support the development of positive relations between Poles and the societies of neighbouring countries. We are glad that it is the Congress that will be the occassion to officially inaugurate the activities of the Foundation.

Participation in the Congress is free of charge for prelectors. The organizers will provide board and accommodation. Please mind, however, that travel costs will not be covered.

Prelections in Polish, Lithuanian and English are accepted. The best lectures will be published in a reviewed post-conference journal.

The application form can be found here. The application deadline expires on the 23th of April 2017.

Please join us in Wroclaw!

The Fourth International Lithuania Congress
Organization Committee